Summer Break

August is here and most people are on leave while the schools are “out”. WICS is no exception and so during this month you may experience some delays in getting replies to your emails due to the various council officers being on leave.

Normal service should be resumed by September, but if you haven’t heard back from us by the second week of September please email the secretary again. Have a great summer.

Dr Hywel Roberts

WICS Chair

WICS Media Resources

We have added a new feature to the website in collaboration with Cardiff University. Members may click on the WICS MEDIA RESOURCES tab in the header bar and view slides and soundtracks from recent WICS meetings. Please have a go and feedback if you find it useful or if there are any “bugs”. You will need to sign up for a free “blackboard” website membership to view the content as this is where the content is currently “hosted”.

We are currently looking into the possibilty of issuing electronic certificates for the educational activities for incorporation into revalidation portfolios. More news on this soon hopefully.