Membership of WICS is open to Healthcare professionals and trainees affiliated to the Welsh NHS. To be a full member of WICS you must have up to date information registered with this website and you must have arrangements in place to pay your annual membership fees (see below for rates – collected annually in October or on the anniversary of your joining).

Current membership rates for WICS membership:

Student £10
Nurse £10
AHP £10
Trainee £10
Staff Grade £30
SAS Doctor £30
Consultant £50
Retired Member £10

Follow the steps below to join WICS:

1)  Click the Forum link above and Register as a Forum member. You should receive a confirmation email within 1 hour. (If not please check your junk folder and if still no email please email for further assistance).

2) Within a few days you should get a further email confirming that the secretary has reviewed your application and provisionally approved your membership. This should allow access to the website and forums. (Note – If you do not receive an email from the secretary within 2 weeks please email for further assistance). This email will have a link to download a standing order form. The SO form has all the details about payments and it should be returned by post to the WICS treasurer who will then forward it to your bank.

3) Full membership will be approved by the Treasurer upon receipt of a completed Standing Order form. The first payment will be collected as soon as the mandate is processed. Your annual subscription will be debited the following October and your membership will be activated as soon as the treasurer has your membership details.

If you have any questions related to payment of the annual membership fee please email the treasurer at

Please note that members who do not pay their annual membership fees when due will have their website access and membership suspended pending receipt of such fees.

Members who do not keep their contact details up to date on the website may not receive all the Society’s communications, but may still have annual fees debited from their account. 


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