About WICS

Introducing the Welsh Intensive Care Society

What is WICS?

WICS was formed in the early 1990s with the aims of furthering audit, research, training and education in intensive care medicine. Most consultants practising ICM in Wales are members, as are most trainees interested in the ICM field. The society is also open to nursing and other allied professions and specialties.

What Does it Do?

  • WICS holds scientific meetings once or twice a year. These are conferences of general interest and have consistently attracted excellent speakers. They are often held in exotic locations such as Portmeirion and have a strong social element
  • WICS awards grants totalling up to £4000 per year for professional travel, research or audit purposes.
  • Lately, the society has been closely involved with the Welsh Assembly, so members have a voice in supplying expert advice about how intensive care provision can be improved across the country.
  • WICS also runs national audits and co-ordinates multi-centre research projects.
  • There is also a trainee section, WITS, which holds its own educational meetings supported by the main society.

Sounds Great – What Does it Cost?

Full membership is £30 p.a.

Trainee or associate membership is £10 p.a. For that you get greatly reduced rates for the scientific meetings and regular communication about topical issues.

All full members have voting rights.

Fill in this form wics-apply2 and return to the address stated to join.

We are keen to extend the membership of the Society, particularly among nursing and other allied professions.

The Council

Title Name Email
Chair WICS Dr Paul Morgan wicschair@gmail.com
Chair WITS Dr Caroline Burford witschair1@gmail.com
Secretary WICS Dr Hywel Roberts wicssecretary@gmail.com
Treasurer WICS Dr Ceri Brown  wicstreasurer@gmail.com
AHP Rep Mrs Karen James Karen.James@wales.nhs.uk
Member Dr Latha Srinivasa  Latha.Srinivasa@wales.nhs.uk
Member Dr Richard Pugh Richard.Pugh@wales.nhs.uk
Member Dr Alison Ingham Alison.Ingham@wales.nhs.uk
Member Dr Sabine Eggert Sabine.Eggert@wales.nhs.uk
Regional Advisor Dr Matt Dallinson  Matthew.Dallinson@wales.nhs.uk

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