Study day 18th January

There is a WICS sponsored study day on the theme of “Trauma” to  be held at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital on the 18th January 2016. This is the latest in a series of very well received educational meetings organised by Drs B Gibson and E Dawe. Although originally aimed at ICM trainees the audience has grown steadily to include Consultants and Allied Professionals. The last meeting in November attracted 80 delegates. Contact details etc on the attached flyer below.

Trauma study day 18 January

Obituary : Dr John Gough

John David Gough (28/07/56 – 02/11/2015)

Although John retired from critical care several years ago he remained well known in the Intensive Care community and it is with deep regret to say, to those that aren’t already aware, that he died in November. He was very good company in and out of work. A Welshman through and through John was from the “old school” of critical care, medicine and anaesthesia – giving much of himself, his own time and his family’s in an attempt to improve the service. This was the way. His efforts brought some considerable success and those of us working in the critical care service in Gwent, and the patients that we serve owe him a debt of gratitude. He will be remembered with great fondness and a smile by many working in the Royal Gwent.

Sadly for John and his family those efforts came at a considerable cost. John was not alone in this; there are others in the field of critical care medicine that have also paid a heavy price. I never heard John complain of this – again this was the way. To die so young, and without enjoying the fruits of retirement are a tragedy. Those “old school” ways have changed. We live and work in a very different environment to the one that John spent the majority of his working life in. It is worth thinking however as we remember John, and even more so at this time of year that we need to look after each other and ourselves. We continue to deliver a dedicated seven days a week critical care service, as we have done for many years despite some who look to belittle us. However in that delivery we need to continue to strive to provide a healthy balance with life outside of work with friends and family. We owe that to those who have gone before us.

Dr Jack Parry-Jones

Clinical Lead for Critical Care Anuerin Bevan LHB