ECG interpretation and Palliative Care Study Day

WICS is sponsoring and supporting the “Day of 2 halves” study day at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital on the 30th of November. The topic for the morning is ECG interpretation and in the afternoon Palliative care in the ICU will be considered. Although the day is aimed primarily at ICM trainees, attendance by other doctors or allied professionals may be possible depending on numbers. For further details or to register please contact or

Full details are also on the flyer below.

ECG Palliative Care Study Day Poster v2

Law Commission Consultation on Deprivation of Liberty Legislation

WICS has been notified that a consultation on the forthcoming “DOLS” legislation is currently underway with responses required by the 2nd November. There are several aspects of the proposed legislation that may cause severe operational difficulties for Critical Care units and it is important that “frontline” staff feedback to the Law Commission so that the final legislation is well thought out.

WICS council will prepare a reply on behalf of WICS at the council meeting on 7th October. Prior to formulating this response WICS council is requesting feedback from  WICS members. Members should send their feedback on the proposed legislation to either the Chair or Secretary’s gmail account by October the 5th.

Details of the consultation are available at the following link:

Law Commission DOLS consultation

The document itself is large but feedback from the ICS colleagues suggests that Chapter 8 as well as 1,2 and 3 are the ones most likely to impact Critical Care practice so if time is short please focus your attention on these.

Unfortunately we are unable to represent the views of those who are not members of  WICS. If you feel stongly on the matter please consider joining WICS (via the Forum tab above) above so that we can add your views to ours.

People who have strong views on the legislation are also advised to submit “personal” submissions to the Law Commission regarding the proposed legislation.

The more feedback is obtained from frontline staff the better the chances are of getting a workable piece of legislation at the end.

Dr Hywel Roberts

WICS Chair